Introducing the YoungStar™ Rubber Mat: Protecting cattle and reducing stress.

Introducing the YoungStar™ Rubber Mat: Protecting cattle and reducing stress.

Hard concrete surfaces can cause many problems in beef feedlots. A cattle’s hooves aren’t designed to walk on such hard surfaces, so they often get injured when slipping and falling. This happens especially when cattle rush off the truck at induction. If this happens, you have to spend time sorting out your animals so you can treat their injuries or in some cases, putting them down.

Problem #1: Slipping

Because concrete is so smooth, it can be very difficult for animals to stay on their feet, especially while running on it. When an animal slips, they are at risk of injuring themselves, even if they quickly recover their footing. Hoof lesions are a common problem in beef cattle where hard surfaces cause pressure on the sole of the hoof leading to internal damage that takes weeks to heal.

Problem #2: Noise & Cattle Stress

Cattle are naturally sensitive to high levels of noise—it stresses them out and leads to more aggressive behaviours. And when stressed, they are more likely to slip on smooth concrete surfaces, further increasing their risk of injury. Rubber matting reduces surface noise which helps keep cattle calm during processing—and ultimately makes handling them a lot easier.

How does YoungStar™ Address these Problems?

YoungStar™ rubber mat is made up of a thick 18mm base with thick 14mm high square lugs that are designed to stop hooves slipping. This surface offers consistent grip even when cattle are running at full speed. These mats also reduce noise caused by concrete at feedlots, making animal handling easier for farm workers.

What is the YoungStar™ mat made of?

YoungStar™ mat is made from vulcanized rubber that has an extremely high tensile rating. Because of this it will last for a long time even when installed in high-traffic areas.

Want to see a sample?

We have sample boxes available which include a piece of our YoungStar™ matting, an information sheet, and a YoungStar™ cap. To get your free sample box, please call us on 1800 686 287.

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